U of A On the Move

The U of A On the Move initiative began in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences as a lecture topic for the Reunion Weekend of 2003. The program is modeled after programs such as America on the Move (USA), the 10,000 Steps Rockhampton (Australia) program, and others like them. It is designed to promote physical activity and provide objective feedback to individuals as they become more active.

The program provides members of the campus community with a tool to assist them in making the choice to move towards an active lifestyle through the use of a daily step counter. Pedometers can be purchased through Health Promotion and WorkLife Services. Email org.health@ualberta.ca to inquire.

Counting steps as part of U of A On the Move assists in making physical activity part of a daily routine, increasing energy levels, assisting in maintaining a healthy weight and reducing stress. For more information visit the On the Move website and check out our information on walking clubs and stair climbing.

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