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One of the great benefits of walking is that it is a total body activity. The faster you go the more the upper body is used. Medical studies keep showing that walking even just 30 minutes a day can benefit your heart, increase your lifespan, and help you control your weight, diabetes, prevent other diseases and improve your mood.

Walking releases endorphins and creates a feel good effect, in addition to providing a sense of accomplishment. It is a way to build your confidence and it is a much easier activity to participate in socially. Your only financial investment is a good pair of walking shoes!

Walking clubs are a great way of getting out with friends and colleagues, while giving you some well-deserved time away from your desk over the lunch break. A noon hour walk will also help you power through the afternoon slump by getting you energized. For additional tips on walking clubs or other ways to make activity a part of your work day, visit the Alberta Centre for Active Living website.

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