Legal and Financial

Legal and financial matters are important and unavoidable parts of adult life. At times, they can prove stressful. If you are a staff member with a pressing financial or legal concern and you need to talk to someone, you may access the Employee and Family Assistance Program. Click here for more information.

Whether you are in need of assistance, or if you'd like to develop your awareness of financial and legal matters to avoid potential pitfalls, visit the links below.

Avoiding Fraud

Fraud and identity theft are ever-present risks in our society. The following links provide information to help you limit your risk of victimization or report an incident, should one occur.


Budget and Credit Management

It can be difficult to remain in control of your debt, regardless of the state of the economy. The following may be of use if you are looking for help in managing your credit.


Financial Aid

It pays (literally!) to be aware of government programs that offer financial support to individuals and families. The links below will help you explore different programs and determine your eligibility.


Resolving Legal Problems

The following links will provide you with information about the legal system, including roles and how to select legal representation.



Retirement is a major life transition and the changes that it brings may be unanticipated and stressful. The links below provide valuable information to help you prepare for and adjust to retirement.



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