Self Assessment Tools

Many people with mental health issues do not seek treatment because they fail to recognize the signs and symptoms, or they are too embarrassed to reach out for help. The majority of mental health conditions can be treated, allowing people to recover and lead productive and satisfying lives.

The following practical tools are designed to assist you in recognizing potential problems. They are provided for the purposes of your information only. They are not diagnostic tests. However, you are encouraged to print your results, and discuss them with your health care provider if your answers indicate you may be at risk or if you simply feel you need advice.

  • Check Up From the Neck Up - Each year many of us have a physical examination, visit a dentist and get our eyes checked. Very few make the point of assessing their mental health each year. Check Up From the Neck Up is a self assessment screening tool designed to potentially identify some symptoms of depression, mania, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Work Life Balance Quiz (Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • Stress Test (Canadian Mental Health Association) - Stress can cause emotional chaos that makes our daily lives miserable. It can also decrease our physical health, sometimes drastically. Strangely, we are not always aware that we are under stress. The habits, attitudes, and signs that can alert us to problems may be hard to recognize because they have become so familiar. Determine your stress level by completing this quiz.
  • Check Your Drinking Survey
  • Mental Health Meter

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