Stair Use and Sustainability


Stair-climbing is similar to running and walking in providing aerobic benefits and building and toning muscles however stair-climbing for exercise will burn twice the fat in half of the time than running and three times more than walking!

The calorie-burning and aerobic benefits of stair-climbing are determined by the intensity of your climbing. Walking casually up the stairs provides only slightly greater benefits than running or walking but if you put some effort and energy into moving quickly up the stairs, the benefits are increased.

Barring any medical conditions that may prevent you from climbing stairs, choose the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.


U of A On the Move is a University initiative designed to encourage our campus community to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Recently, On the Move has expanded its partnerships and efforts promoting  opportunities for campus to use existing resources. Through generous partnerships with Facilities and Operations and IST, the General Services Building was chosen as the pilot building for our Stairwell Campaign.  The campaign works in conjunction with the building maintenance schedule and the pilot site includes stairwell paint, stair riser banners, wall murals, and elevator decals.

The underlying concept is that if the stairwells are more obvious, inviting, and pleasant spaces individuals will more likely use the stairs rather than the elevator. If you are interested in our seeing our pilot project, please visit the General Services Building and take the stairs (currently 2nd and 3rd floors) in the front (North) entrance of building.


Sources – Run Society (; Uof A On the Move Stairwell Campaign

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